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General financial advice and planning

Throughout your life, you gather all sorts of financial products, like savings accounts, life insurance, pensions, and other investments.

But are your finances in order? Have you made plans to safeguard your financial future?

Whatever your situation, now's the time to check your financial health. 

How can a Financial Advisor help?

It often takes an expert to make sense of all these different financial products and to help you get the most from them. A Financial Advisor can assess each of your current financial products to find out whether they are right for you, and make recommendations if not.

Why use an Independent Financial Advisor?

Independent financial advisors are the only professionals who adopt a truly holistic approach to financial planning, as they explore the entire market to find the best solution for your current circumstances.

How often should you check your financial health?

It's important that you review your financial plans on a regular basis. 
You never know what lies ahead, so it's better to be prepared.

Why is it important to plan ahead?

Life is unpredictable, but the security of your finances needn't be such a lottery.
If the worst happens, you need to know you have it covered. Here are some situations you may face in life that could affect your financial stability.

Unexpected death

Without a breadwinner, how will the mortgage, car loan, food, clothing, gas, electric and telephone bills be paid? How would your loved ones cope financially if the worst happened?

Critical illness

A heart attack, cancer or stroke may leave you incapacitated in the short term, or even unable to work ever again. If this happened, wouldn't it be great if someone paid off your mortgage, repaid your car loan, and put a tax-free lump sum in your bank account to see you through until you got back on your feet?

Temporarily unable to work

Illness, a sports injury, or another unfortunate event may leave you unable to work for up to six months. Could you afford to survive without your salary for that long? 

Permanently unable to work

Worse still - illness, a sports injury, or another unfortunate event may leave you unable to work ever again. What plans have you put in place to cover this income shortfall between now and when you draw your pension?


The days of keeping "a job for life" have passed and the reality of redundancy is an all too common occurrence. What plans have you put in place to ensure your transition from redundancy to your new career is financially secure?


Retirement is the time to do all of those things that you never had time to do when you were working. The only problem is, when work stops your income usually stops too.

Whether you contribute to a pension scheme, buy property to let, or have an investment portfolio, you should have a plan in place to fund your retirement. Alternatively, you could rely on the state, an inheritance or the national lottery.

Can you afford to not plan ahead? 

You know how much you need to save for your annual two-week holiday, so how much do you think you would need for the longest holiday of your life, maybe lasting up to 25 years?

What next?

Aside from offering free tips here, we can put you in touch with your local FCA registered Independent Financial Advisor, who will provide you with genuine financial advice for your specific needs

Who can help?

Receive an initial, free, no obligation telephone consultation by looking up your local Independent Financial Advisor using our directory. Or we will put you in touch.  Simply call us on 0800 035 0078.

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