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It’s important that you choose the right Financial Advisor.

But where do you look and who can you trust? That’s where we help. Discover everything you need to know about financial advisors and how to find your local advisor.

What is a Financial Advisor?

Whether you're an individual, family or representing a company, and this is the first time you've sought financial advice, or you want to revaluate your existing financial plan, a Financial Advisor will assess your current situation and help you get your finances in order.

Why is it important to seek financial advice?

If your personal finances are not in order, both the short and long-term consequences can be serious. A Financial Advisor will work closely with you to help you set your financial priorities and ensure you meet your financial goals.

What are the different types of Financial Advisor?

There are two kinds of Advisor:

Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs)

Offer impartial advice and recommend products from any provider across theentire market, so they're obliged to offer you the best advice for your particular financial situation. If you want advice that specifically and genuinely relates to your personal situation, an Independent Financial Advisor is your best bet, because they're not tied to a particular provider's product range.

Restricted Advisors

Normally operate through banks, building societies, or Financial Advisor companies and partnerships. Restricted advisors either only sell products from a select range of providers, or they select a product from the whole of the market but only specialise in a single area such as pensions.

Why use an Independent Financial Advisor? (IFA)

Independent financial advisors are highly qualified professionals, who offer truly independent and unbiased advice on a range of financial matters.

This means they have the training and expertise to design a personal financial plan for you, and most importantly, keep it up-to-date as legislation and your circumstances change. This ensures you will receive the right advice for your personal situation, because they research the entire market to find the best solution for you - not just a particular provider's product range.

Receive the right advice for you

Independent financial advisors are committed to providing you with guidance and advice that genuinely relates to your personal situation. They are also required to provide current knowledge, on an ongoing basis. To maintain this, each year they must undertake significant training and development. This is known as Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Many independent advisors go on to take further specialist advanced qualifications throughout their career, so it's worth asking about their areas of expertise.

What happens when you meet an Independent Financial Advisor?

When you first meet your Independent Financial Advisor, they will have a general conversation with you to find out what your situation is and get all the facts they need. During this "getting to know you" process, you'll complete a personal financial planning questionnaire (sometimes known as a Fact Find).

In order for the Independent Financial Advisor to offer you truly relevant financial advice, you will need to provide some personal information. But don't worry - all your information remains strictly confidential, according to Data Protection rules. It's really important that your Financial Advisor understands what you want to do with your life and finances, so this process may take some time. The more open and honest you are, the more the Financial Advisor can help you.

To get the most from your meeting…

Make sure you bring all your personal financial details, including any existing policy documents, details of any benefits your employer provides, in addition to an open mind and willingness to explore all the avenues open to you.

You should also write a list of any questions you would like answering during your meeting.

How we will help you

We only recommend highly qualified, Independent Financial Advisors who are registered with the FCA. And we carefully check all their qualifications, so you can trust you will receive genuine advice for your specific needs.

Want to talk to a Financial Advisor?

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